8 Essentials to Pack in Your Own Car on Moving Day

//8 Essentials to Pack in Your Own Car on Moving Day

8 Essentials to Pack in Your Own Car on Moving Day

If moving day is drawing near, we hope that you’re almost done packing. The morning of your move, you and your family should be completely ready to face the challenging day without undue stress. Here are eight essentials to pack in your own car on moving day to ensure you have easy access to what you need the most at the end of your journey:

#1: Pets and Pet Supplies

We recommend leaving your beloved pet at a family or friend’s house during the move. Save your pet the confusion and stress and send them to grandma’s for the week until you’re all unpacked and ready to receive them. If you have no choice but to bring kitty or pooch with you in the car, ensure that they are tightly secured in the back seat and that you have enough food to last them a while.

#2: Plants

Plants, whether they’re the common spider plant or an exotic orchid, aren’t necessarily known for acclimating quickly to dark, hot places. In fact, they don’t even like to be moved at all. If you want your plants to make the trip, prepare them a few days before by ensuring that they are hydrated and can fit in a box. When taking a necessary pit stop, park away from the harsh sun and leave the AC on.

#3: Fragile Heirlooms

If you don’t trust your kids with Great Aunt Sue’s Wedgewood tea set collection, then you might as well keep them as close to your person as possible. If the item is that fragile and irreplaceable, we think that transporting it in your car will offer you peace of mind.

#4: Hazardous Materials

Did you know that moving companies aren’t legally allowed to transport certain hazardous materials? If you have a can of gasoline or hunting gear that you want to take with you, you have no other choice but to take these chemicals and ammunition with you in a car. Our advice: leave the gasoline for the next homeowner and responsibly dump the rest.

#5: Overnight Bag

You may think you’ll have your entire wardrobe unpacked before supper time, but trust us when we say that unpacking is at least a week-long process. You may not even be able to find the box of toiletries, clothes, and clean socks you’re looking for, so it’s always best to pack a bag like you’re going on a one-night vacation.

#6: Snacks

Moving is enough to make us ravenous. There’s a reason why a jumbo pizza with extra toppings seems to be the go-to post-move meal. Instead of scrambling around your new neighbourhood looking for takeout or removing tape from every box in the hopes of finding cereal, bring a bulk-load of snacks enough for everyone.

#7: Cleaning Supplies

You won’t be able to resist giving your new home a thorough polish when you first arrive so that your space is fresh and ready for when you start furnishing and decorating. You’ll likely feel the need to scrub every toilet, sweep every floor, wash every window, and give your dishes a gentle rinse. Compile all the supplies you’ll need in a bucket and be prepared for your urge to clean!

#8: Tools

Every time you unscrew a table, pull out a nail, measure a wall, and dismantle a bedframe, you’re using tools. Not having the appropriate tools the next day will drive you crazy. Keep everything in one, easy-to-access place, and you won’t be wasting your time looking for a single screwdriver to use on the bed frame before you and your spouse collapse on your brand new mattress.


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