Avoid These Five Common First-Time Moving Mistakes

//Avoid These Five Common First-Time Moving Mistakes

Avoid These Five Common First-Time Moving Mistakes

Are you about to flee the nest for the first time and set out into the real world as a first-time renter? Whether you’re heading to a dorm or to an apartment with your best friend, there is something so special about the first home you live in after you move away from your childhood home. While it’s okay to feel many emotions about this decision—excitement, fear, anxiety—it’s not okay to make these common first-time moving mistakes:

#1: Waiting Until the Last Minute

Procrastination may be your middle name when it comes to homework, cleaning your room, or taking out the garbage, but the more you procrastinate what you have to do, the more expensive and stressful your first moving experience will be. When you know the date of your move, you should start preparing right away. That includes changing your address, packing, and calling a mover.

#2: Depending on Friends & Family

Sometimes your friends just don’t want to help you move. Try not to be angry with them. Moving is considered one of life’s most stressful experiences for a reason. You can try and sweeten the pot by offering the traditional pizza and beer as a reward, but don’t assume they will say yes. While parents may feel obliged or even be willing to drive you to your new destination, your siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles are exempt from this duty. It’s best to find out who’s available and willing to help you long before your move so that you can hire a mover if need be. Don’t forget to confirm with every volunteer closer to the day.

#3: Packing too Heavy

We see books on a shelf, so we pack books on a shelf. What’s so difficult about that? Unless you want to injure someone’s back or cause a hernia, packing boxes that are nearly impossible to move should be avoided. Mix light items with heavy items in the box, ensuring that the heavy stuff is at the bottom. If you can’t lift the box yourself, chances are the person moving it will have a hard time. If you insist on keeping all your hardcover Harry Potters together, pack them in much smaller boxes.

#4: Not Calling Ahead

If you’re renting an apartment or moving into a condo, you’re probably moving into a building that comes with a concierge, front desk rules, elevator booking times, and sometimes odd loading regulations. Ensure that the building you’re moving into is fully aware and prepared to receive you. This allows management to schedule the elevator, pad the walls, unlock the moving entrance, and make sure everyone who is supposed to have the keys has them. Not letting your new landlord or building administration know when you’re coming is a great way to make a bad first impression.

#5: Packing Everything in Garbage Bags

Clothes, pillows, blankets, and towels are soft and squishy. They do not break. We actually understand your logic in wanting to shove everything soft into a shiny, black garbage bag. However, if you plan on using this method for everything you wear, sleep on, or dry yourself with, your bags are going to be lined up out the door. One or two bags is fine, but garbage bags easily rip, wrinkle your clothes, and make everything smell. If you have a big wardrobe, consider buying a wardrobe box that can fit half your closet and prevent that awful ball of tangled hangers.


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