How to Prepare for Your Move Before You Start Packing Preparing to move

//How to Prepare for Your Move Before You Start Packing Preparing to move

How to Prepare for Your Move Before You Start Packing

Preparing to move to your new home takes a lot more organization and planning than simply packing a few boxes. There is a logical order to your move that will ideally help your transition go that much smoother. So, before you start dumping everything you own into boxes, here are some ways to prepare for your move that will make packing that much easier:

Clean Out Your Closets

Nothing makes us really appreciate what we’ve been collecting all these years like a good old-fashioned spring cleaning. Go through every room in the house, starting with the attic, storage room, and closets, and sort through everything you own. While you sift through your stuff, try and imagine what can stay and what can go. Remember, every box adds several minutes onto your move, so the more you downsize, the quicker, more efficient, and cheaper it will be. Make three piles: stay, go, and maybe. Keep whatever you shove in the “maybe” pile to the side and give yourself and your family a few weeks to decide if it’s coming or going.

Have a Garage Sale

The logical next step is to sell everything you don’t want at a garage sale or Online. Just because you want to give something away, it doesn’t mean that it’s worthless. You can make a pretty penny selling your old books, records, furniture, and baby stuff. You may be surprised by how much money you can make at the end of the day. Simply donate whatever is left over. We suggest donating your “fast fashion” clothes and popular books, as they probably won’t sell.

Schedule Your Address Change

One of the first things you learn about your impending move is the date, which means you have plenty of time to organize your address change so that the transition is seamless and you never miss a bill. Plan to schedule your address change at least a month before so that you don’t miss any important mail. Don’t forget to let your children’s school know.

Hire a Moving Company

After you sell and give away your not-so precious items, you’ll likely have a good idea of how much needs to fit in a truck. Schedule your move as soon as possible so that you’re not left scrambling to find a company and settling for second-rate. Weekends are especially busy for movers, so giving yourself enough time to hire a mover is crucial.

Set Aside What You’re Bringing Yourself

Not every household item is suitable for the back of the truck. Plants, pets, overnight bags, and luxury jewelry should all be kept as close to you as possible. Find out if you have enough room in your car to transport your precious items, or if you need a friend or relative to help move some last-minute things.

Ready to start packing? If you’re moving in the Sudbury area, contact Elite Care Movers to select all the packing materials your household goods need to make the journey. Packing not your thing? We’ll show up before the move to help you plan and pack your belongings so that they’re stored as safely and as efficiently as possible.